Delta Troop 3/17th Air Cav, 3rd Platoon
Vietnam 1969 to 1970

Audio Letter to Home April 10, 1970

Excerpts from letters mailed home to mother while in VietNam September 30, 1969 to September 30, 1970.

10/6/69    Dirty, smelly and hotter than hell.  1st landed at Long Bien then went to Bien Hoa then to Dian.  Will be stationed at Bien Hoa.  In-country training starts tomorrow.

11/1/69    Working 3 different jobs, one week at Long Bein to back up the LURPS.  One week at Non-Trock pulling night ambush patrols and one week at Bien Hoa.

12/28/69    Here at Long Bien we were inserted 4 times in 3 days.  Fighting pretty heavy this week.

1/7/70        Smith and Hayes killed on 1/2/70, after our patrol was hit by 4 or 5 NVA in a bunker.

1/28/70    At Dian (12 miles north of Saigon, 10 miles south of Long Bien and 11 miles west of Bien Hoa.

2/18/70    Back from Long Bien.  Rumors are no more support for the LURPS and in April they are going to disband the 3/17th and farm us out to other outfits.

4/?/70        Got my ass chewed out for not writing home to my mother while I was in the hospital.  Given direct order by CO to write home. Still at Fire Base Rob.

5/?/70        Working by Song Be and Pouc Bien.

5/24/70    We are at Fire Base Rob.

6/14/70    We had worked with the 11th Armor Cav,  2 months before in Cambodia.  Mother wanted to know.

6/19/70    Still at Fire Base Rob.

6/26/70    Stationed at Dian but still working out of Fire Base Rob.

6/28/70    Still at Fire Base Rob.

7/6/70        Left Fire Base Rob the 1st of July.  Now back at Non-Trock (25 miles south of Long Bien)

7/17/70    At Non-Trock (30 miles south of Saigon) pulling 7 days and nights of night ambush and 2 days of stand down at Dian.

7/27/70    8 nights of ambush patrol, 2 nights in Dian, located 2 miles south of Long Bien.

I mailed other letters home, but there were no dates and I did not mention where I was.